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Is It Wrong to Perform at Michfest?

Iconic pop duo the Indigo Girls have long been a staple at the annual Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, but this is the last time Emily Saliers and Amy Ray will take the stage — unless the festival reverses a long-standing policy that only “women born women” may attend.

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Out on Their Own

When Amy Ray and Emily Saliers first offered up their guileless lyrics, braided harmonies, and fevered acoustic strums in Atlanta's Little Five Points pub in the mid '80s, the ladies in the audience appreciatively tossed bras and underwear at their feet.

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The M word

When the lights dim at the Planet, The L Word's fictional coffeehouse hangout, a bevy of croaky troubadours, white-girl rappers, and Latin sirens arrive to steal the limelight from Bette, Shane, Kit, and the rest of the girls. The disparate sounds of these musicians are painstakingly selected by ezgirl—a.k.a. Elizabeth Ziff—who serves as original music producer for the show.